Hospitality Hub has the solution for you.
College/Universities Hospitality Hub's six modules are designed specifically to work together to improve the daily operations within colleges and university life for students and faculty. Our experience working with Universities has given us the ability to tailor our software to fit the daily operations within all hospitality departments. Guest Accommodations allows easy management of student on-campus housing while Catering and Conference Services provides the tools necessary to reduce mistakes, accurately capture information and discover growth opportunities within your organization. If you need to streamline operations, maximize profitability and enhance productivity within your university, then look no further than the leading hospitality software provider, Hospitality Hub. Read what our customers are saying:

"After using "Hospitality Hub" for only 5 months, it's hard to remember how we used to get by. The most exciting new feature for me is the Favorites menu. From our product listing I can ‘star’ any product to show up in my Favorites menu and I can build simple orders in less than two minutes." -Will Harris Western University
Resorts, Conference Centers, Bed & Breakfasts Guests today expect more from their resort, conference center or bed and breakfast experience than ever. With this in mind and at our client’s request, we have begun to design a solution with service to guests as the first priority. Additionally, this new software will consolidate critical data allowing you to quickly and easily access and manage information.

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